Your Uniqueness is what Makes your Start-up

Early in the days of starting SalesLoft, I asked a close mentor how he thought we were tracking and what I could do to adjust or improve. He said something that I really didn’t expect which has actually made more and more sense over time. He said, “Just keep being yourself. We’ll see where it leads the business”.

Now I do a lot of reading and working to understand how others have become successful. And with this being my first software business, I have really looked to others for guidance and example. What this advice helped me realize is that I don’t have to do all of the things that other successful entrepreneurs have done in order to be as successful as they are.

Re-inspiring me was this tweet I read yesterday from Hiten Shah which stated: “Your #startup is unique. Trying to be like any other startup results in failure.”

And it’s totally true. No two founders are alike. In any comparison you are going to find that their skills & passions vary, as do their products and markets.

To be successful, you need to find your grove, your motivation, and your process that makes things work for your business. Look all you want to books, blogs, and others for inspiration, but in the end, the business needs to be unique, a reflection of who you are.

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