Will Future Enterprise Software be Bought or Sold?

Atlassian is a $100 million+ enterprise software company. They don’t have a single sales professional on staff. Neither does 37Signals or SEOMoz. This is radical, but is it a trend? I recently watched a video where this question was discussed amongst a super group of enterprise software leaders including Atlassian President Jay Simons, Aaron Levie, CEO of Box.net and the CEO of Jive Software, Tony Zingale.

I side with Aaron and Tony that not having a sales organization only works for a small subset of businesses. For most companies it absolutely has to be a blend, but trends are enabling our buyers to get deeper and deeper into the sales cycle before being in contact with a rep.

Whichever side you take, I recommend watching the video for insights on this hot topic around B2B sales. Do you side one way more than the other?

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