Why I Love Atlanta Tech Village

I spent some time today with the team from Friendly Human. They’re a video production company inside the Atlanta Tech Village that puts together solid marketing content.

During a quick interview, their founder Daniel asked me what I liked most about the Atlanta Tech Village. I gave him a couple of responses on the spot and immediately realized they all revolved around people. Since then, I’ve been thinking in more detail about the question and have boiled it down to 5 reasons why the people matter so much:

  1. Inspiration – The companies at ATV are exciting. Plain and simple. The founders are energetic and it rubs off. It’s a classic case of 1+1 =3 and they inspire me everyday.
  2. Advice & Coaching – Want to speed up your website? Go talk to Rigor. Want to talk about financing? Pop your head in Knox’s office. Want to get better use from Twitter? Holler at the InsightPool gang. And on and on. Teams in the village are experts in their domain and are more than happy to offer free advice and assistance to other companies.
  3. Motivation – Everyday, the companies in the village are releasing new products, closing big deals and making moves. If you ever need a kick in the butt, just look around. The village is filled with startup atheletes, and they’ll push you to be the best you can be.
  4. Feedback – We launched a new service two weeks ago, but a week prior to launch we opened a working version. That day, we were able to get a dozen  users to beat it up. And most all of them were our Village neighbors.
  5. Fun – People at the Village operates practice ROWE. That means, as long as we’re getting things done, we can bounce out in the hallways and play a little. Whether it’s table tennis, Xbox on the 70″ display or happy hours down the street, it’s like hanging with a fraternity of doers. And that’s awesome.

People matter in your workspace. And in the case of the Atlanta Tech Village, they are reasons 1 thru 5 for why I love working there.

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