What is Social Media all About?

It’s about connecting, building personal relationships, leaving a lasting impression, educating others, challenging them, and connecting with them.

It’s about being sincere and honest and focused on serving others whom you can best help.

It’s about growing, learning, empowering yourself to be more. It’s about finding what you’re passionate about and going out and grabbing it.

Social media helps my tennis game, my cycling, my faith. It helps me be a better husband and one day a better dad. It helps me connect with my family, friends and those I look up to.

Social media is the world’s knowledge and audience at your fingertips.

I’m publishing this old draft to test my RSS feed and email. For some reason my MailChimp plugin has not been working so I deleted and rebuilt it. If you subscribe through email or RSS, feel free to give me a shout to let me know it’s working :)

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