Ways to Penetrate a New Market

I had lunch today with an entrepreneur who has recently been tasked with galvanizing a large overseas reseller market.

We talked about ways to address this new market and how to become a thought-leader with the new audience. Here are a few marketing ideas I suggested:

  • Build a target list of the top reseller prospects through linkedIn. Employ the LinkedIn group hack to capture all the members of relevant private groups. Contact them through multiple channels and means.
  • Find target audiences pains and create written content (blog posts) that help them alleviate their problems.
  • Build a ‘VIP” Twitter private list of 40 people and schedule 20+ tweet responses to members each week.
  • Respond to 3 pertinent questions in LinkedIn groups or Quora each week.
  • Comment on 3 prospect blog posts each week.
  • Pre-populate 15 social posts using current content each week.
  • Monitor prospects with a sales intelligence tool and connect with them over 10 trigger events each week.
  • Send a semi-monthly content mailer to the target audience.
  • Set-up marketing drip campaigns and recycle content through emails.
  • Create a conference or recurring meeting of like minds.

Now this looks like a lot of work on the surface, but if you set each item up as a recurring task in your project management app (I recommend Trello), eventually this stuff becomes simple process.

So what do you think about these suggestions for marketing into a new reseller territory?

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