Warning: Text is not Enough for Content Marketing

Finally the business world has warmed up to the power of content marketing & blogging.

But now everyone is doing it, you can no longer differentiate yourself by just writing text copy…you actually have to do something different.

Here are some ideas (with link examples) on how to differentiate your content:

  • Create a mini-service – Create an app that you offer for free which provides value to your ideal prospects. This allows you to learn more about your customer while providing a connection to them for your future marketing efforts. Bonus – find a way to email your users frequently with value. Examples:
  • Produce video – Get good at creating your own video. I recommend the Wistia blog for inspiration. Run screencasts, live video and animation. Examples:
  • Mash-up tweets – When other people talk, it’s a lot more engaging…and visual. In this example, I mashed up tweets from a local conference to be different than a plain-old text overview (B2BCamp in Tweets)
  • Embed a Slideshare – Create a deck and drop it in your post. People like to click through presentations and get quick value from your specialized knowledge (Slideshare embed).
  • Animated images, webinars, infographics, conferences, etc…

Content is exciting, fun, and can be super powerful for your business. Put in some extra effort to separate yourself from the pack and you’ll feel the rewards.

  1. Good post, Kyle!  As you can imagine, I see this also resonating with individuals, who  can use the same tactics to advance their own endeavors.

    Do you get much mileage (readership) out of tweet mashups?  That’s an aspect of Twitter I’ve never invested in much, as a content creator or as a consumer. 

    1. Actually no. haha. I thought they were super cool, but that post is one of the lowest shared on our blog *sigh. I still liked it though and even in the age of analytics, you got to rep stuff you like.

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