Visiting the Vegas Startup Community

It’s an exciting time around the world for startups.

And that makes me very happy.┬áStartup communities have been a passion of mine since 2005. From 5 years in ATDC, a summer at TechStars Boulder, and now helping build the Atlanta Tech Village & Atlanta community, I’ve been blessed to be part of some exciting stuff.

I want to learn more and expand.

Early this May I’m traveling to Vegas with April. She has a conference and we’ll be there for a long weekend.

I’ve decided to stay on Monday, May 6th and want to learn all I can about the Vegas downtown movement.

I want to learn about the Downtown Project, where $350 million has been allocated to aid in the revitalization of Downtown Las Vegas focused on real estate, small businesses, education, and tech startups.

I believe in the Vegas values mentioned in this presentation:

Culture is to a company what community is to a city {tweet this}

I want to learn the lessons they’re learning. I want to meet the people who are making it happen and I want to bring it back home to benefit ATL.

I need your help. I don’t have ANY connections in Vegas. I’m asking for a hand:

  • Who should I meet?
  • Where should I visit?
  • Where can I plugin and crank out some work for a few hours?

Any ideas?

  1. I highly recommend the Wynn not only is it aesthetically
    pleasing, but their mini-suites offer a quiet place to work and are well equipped
    with Internet, printers and land lines if needed.

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