Venture Atlanta – Pearls of Wisdom

Venture Atlanta was more impressive than I had anticipated. All the big names in Atlanta technology came out to participate. Here are a handful of my favorite “tweet worthy” statements taken from the speakers on the four panels.

1) Know your investors. do your homework [tweet it]

2) Be willing to take advice from investors; you’re taking on partners [tweet it]

3) Invest with people you know, trust, and are aligned with [tweet it]

4) Take your business as far as you can before you raise money [tweet it]

5) If one party is overly focused on terms, walk away [tweet it]

6) Structure your 1st investments so you attractive to later investors [tweet it]

7) Mentors in seed accelerators should make $5k commitments [tweet it]

8) Structured mentorship makes or breaks an accelerator [tweet it]

9) Angels want 2-5% ownership. VCs want 20-30% [tweet it]

10) Keep the mentality of “scrappy start-up” even after you raise capital [tweet it]

11) The “B” round is the hardest. Make sure that your “A” investors can cover itĀ if neededĀ [tweet it]

12) Be maniacally focused on building killer teams [tweet it]

13) Most exits are 3 to 7 years out [tweet it]

14) If your business fails, it doesn’t make you a failure [tweet it]

15) Entrepreneurs, be ready to get hit in the mouth [tweet it]

16) High computing positions are the hardest to fill [tweet it]

17) People confuse raising money with success [tweet it]

18) Great companies are funded regardless of what is happening in the economy [tweet it]

19) Build relationships with investors before you need the $ [tweet it]

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