Foursquare Day & The Tweet-up Board

It’s no question that Location based services are getting huge. The ability to connect and reference people with places in the digital world will enable unheard of advantages for brands, local businesses, events and most importantly just plain fun with people & games.

Last night was a big example of that. 4/16 or 4 “squared” is the date for the big annual Foursquare party. I was privileged to play a part in the event by setting up the social media signage. Using the most exciting venue digital signage app out there- LocaModa, we enabled individuals to communicate to the crowd through the screen via twitter, text, email & photos.

Here are the stats on the interaction followed by my favorite 6 pics that were sent up to the screen:

  • 554 Tweets which included #4sqATL
  • 39 Photos-to-screen
  • 11 Text-to-screen messages
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