Top 10 Twitter Accounts in Digital Signage

I recently made plans to leave the digital signage industry to start a new business. Through this transition, I am left with a decision on what to do about the 60 or so digital signage accounts that I follow on twitter. This got me thinking about my favorites & the contributors whom I believe add strong value to the Twitter ecosystem.

I decided to build a list. So here goes, in no particular order, the Top 10 11 (I broke the rules a bit), twitter accounts in digital signage:

  1. @davidweinfield – David is a machine. He consistently shares & creates amazing content in the world of interactive & experiential out-of-home media. David was one of the first to adopt twitter as a medium for information share, and one of the reasons I originally got into this business.
  2. @NEOCAST – Ken is a digital signage business owner who has seen a lot of big deals in this industry up close and personal. I look forward to his perspective from an entrepreneurial and industry veteran’s point of view. Ken’s a world class dude who is never too big to help someone out.
  3. @sixteennine – If Dave Haynes is not the best known digital signage pro in North America, then he will be soon. 16:9 is an amazing resource for industry news and commentary. David has personal relationships with virtually every major player in this industry and adds value to so many on a daily basis.
  4. @wamos80 – This is my hometown pick. Will is a long-time colleague and friend and he has a great eye for curating the top relevant stories of the industry. He’s got deep experience in the public display sales world and is a helpful asset to the community.
  5. @stephenrandall – The pioneer of mobile integration to digital signage, Steven’s contributions are thought provoking and revolutionary to DS and in my eyes his tweets reflect the future of DOOH.
  6. @Ardinger – The CMO of Nanonation, Brian shares marketing relevant data to the industry and has a great, unique perspective. Always willing to lend and hand, Brian is a asset on twitter to anyone in this business.
  7. @PaulFlanigan – The most social contributor in the space. Paul was speaking, blogging, tweeting and contributing before pretty much anyone else here was. I’m a big fan and you should be too.
  8. @SignageLive – Jason runs a killer cool product and represents vibrant life in digital signage and OOH industry. His company is rapidly becoming a big-time leader and one of the major factors is how in-tune he in this area.
  9. @11thscreen – Mike creates content, keeping an awesome blog on digital out-of-home media. His tweets are relevant and show his knowledge of the space. He inspects everything with an intelligent eye and is dedicated. It shows in his contributions.
  10. @snarvasa – Sean represents the “cool” side of digital signage. In fact, I think that he is the only one on the list here that lives in the bay area. He works with one of the pioneers in our industry and is always up to date on trends and great concepts for DOOH.
  11. @DailyDOOH – While overly brash & bold at times, there is no denying the fact that the DailyDOOH is the top information and opinion site for digital signage in the world. Adrian and the team seem to always get the scoop. They basically have digital signage running through their veins and no DS list would be complete without them.
So there they are, the big dogs in the industry. I’d love to hear your opinions… who did I forget? Even though I’ve “left” the industry, I’ll still be able to stay informed by following these guys on the web.
    1. Thanks for reading David and for your feedback. I left out Bill because while instrumental to the industry, he is not active or a frequent contributor on twitter. But he does have a great blog!

  1. Best wishes on your new venture, Kyle. And yes, DailyDOOH always wants to scoop ! So be sure we’re on the top of your press list. :-)

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