There is no need for defense in business

I was talking business specifics with a mentor the other day and caught myself getting defensive on a particular topic.

Outside of bad ethics, getting defensive might be one of the worst behaviors that you can exhibit in business. Here are my thoughts on why:

  • It changes the mood and the vibe. It can make the conversation intense and not focused on the right concepts.
  • It emphasizes wrongdoing. If whatever you originally did was wrong then you should own up to it. If it is right then standing up for it cool & rationally gives you the best shot at effectively communicating your position.
  • You can sometimes say things without thinking them fully through. Without proper thought process, the other party could easily get the wrong idea.

I’m going to try harder to not get defensive in business conversations especially during constructive feedback. I recommend taking a constructive look at your own conversations watching out for any signs of defensiveness. They just don’t get you anywhere.

    1. Thanks for visiting Liam, and for your comment! It’s one of those “later in life lessons” for me. No matter how “smart” you are, “wisdom” only comes from experiences. Glad you enjoyed it.

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