The Weekend Company Update

While in TechStars, our mentors and our managing director (Nicole) recommended founders send regular updates to company stakeholders. We’ve taken this advice and for a while now have been sending a weekend update email to the SalesLoft crew.

Here are the items we include in this informal email:

  • High level product accomplishments
  • Specific development accomplishments for each individual pulled from our Trello sprint board.
  • Marketing accomplishments pulled from marketing Trello board.
  • Metrics on inbound leads, new product users and web traffic.
  • New clients and associated revenue
  • And lastly, an example of someone on the team exhibiting our core values.

At first, I’d have to carve out an hour or so to get this put together. After a couple of updates, I’ve been able to build repeatable process and now it takes less than 30 minutes.

Personally, writing this email helps me better understand the state of the business. It also helps everyone else stay in the loop so they can help out where needed and not lose track of our direction.

I recommend a weekly update to all startups and growing businesses.

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