The Power of Doing Something EVERY Day

A few months ago I wrote a post on habits I wanted to change. I wrote about a new¬†lifehack that could help. Two of the habits I wanted to change were writing & exercising more frequently. 70 days later, I’ve missed only 3 days of exercise and not a single blog post.

I’ve burned in a habit doing something daily.

This morning I read a post about Jerry Seinfeld’s productivity.

Jerry told the author that the best way to be a better comic was to tell better jokes {obvious}…but that the best way to tell better jokes was to write everyday.

There’s just something about a habit you do every day. Had I tried to write and exercise 2-4 times/week I don’t believe I would have been as successful.

Whether you use Jerry’s unique calendar system, the Google form hack, or your own method, I recommend burning in new habits by doing something daily. It will help you become the change you want to be.

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