The NanoLumens Story

Rick Cope broke the mold. In a town of software technology entrepreneurs, he did the virtually impossible and built something that didn’t exist. The result of his efforts was the world’s largest flexible video display. What you say, “flexible”? That’s right, a big ass tv that can curve around stuff.

It was my job to sell it.

I became enamored with NanoLumens in the Winter of 2010. After courting the team and helping them out with a few introductions, I joined on board. One of my fondest memories is getting a call from NASCAR after a 6 month sales cycle announcing that they would buy and install the first ever NanoLumens public display.

Hardware electronics companies cost money, a good bit of it. And together with the executive team, we courted the top investment groups in NYC and the rest of the country. And we were successful.

This is also where I learned the power of automated marketing and new web revenue generation methods. And it’s where I became inspired to start my web business.

From time to time, people ask me about my experience at NanoLumens, and these are some of the things I tell them. I recommend following their journey by checking them out online.

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