The “Happiness” is Real

I embarrassed my wife last night. I had just gotten home from a full day of round-trip travel to Charlotte when she asked me what I wanted to do. My answer was to go see that crazy outdoor projection down off North Avenue.

Since launch last weekend, I’ve been dying to see the Coca-Cola HQ 125th anniversary show. And Coke is making sure that everyone knows about it by running the largest video projection display ever. Here’s the obligatory YouTube post:…

When I was growing up, my dad was a Suntrust exec (TrustCompany back then). The story goes that they married Coke in the 1800’s and actually keep the “secret recipe” in their vault. So due to lots of Coca-Cola in my life, I’ve been a big fan and shareholder ever since I can remember. Now, on the other hand, I’m a digital signage fiend. So this project is perfect!

When we arrived on the scene, I went straight for the onsite tech. His name is Joe. He’s from San Franciso & works for Obscura Digital. They are the team behind the scenes. Here is what Joe had to say:

  • The project uses 44 projectors total. 12 on three sides and 8 on the side facing south.
  • The show runs for the next 3 weeks on Thursday, Friday & Saturday from around 9pm-11pm. (projectors only work when the sun is away).
  • The projection screen is see through enough to give *some* window view for employees. But my wife April made the great point that everyone must be instructed to turn their lights off when they leave! 2 were on. It was obvious.
  • The projectors are 16,000 lumen Christie units with super loud fans in custom enclosures (no cooling). The power consumption must be crazy on these puppies!
  • It took 1 month for the tech setup & simulation. Power architecture, media servers, scalars, mapping software, signal routing, etc.
  • 2 hour content loop including bottle animation, smiling faces, old ads and images from Facebook. All created by Obscura.

So, have you seen this bad boy live? If you have any questions, shoot them my way. I will be back soon. I think that it’s the coolest thing to happen to Atlanta since ScoutMob.

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