The first lesson I learned from Charlie Paparelli

Charlie stood up in front of a crowd of people and drew a line on the whiteboard. It was literally end-to-end. He told the audience: “there is your market”.

He then drew a little dot on the line in some arbitrary spot & demanded: “there is where you need to be”.

It was an “Aha moment” for me.

You see, entrepreneurship is just too damn hard unless you can do one thing extremely well. When we started SalesLoft we recognized that there was a big long line, (the market that all sales reps needed smarter data), but we also knew we needed to focus on a small point to breakthrough (tech companies that used users). Even though we knew this lesson, we still manage to refine this market, and our approach on a day to day basis.

So pick a big long line that stretches the whiteboard, focus all your energy on that one breakthrough point (the weakest link, the early adopter, etc). Once through, you can expand your offering into other areas where you would like to go.


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