The Downs Don’t Matter. The Ups are Where it’s at.

In starting up a business, there are always going to be ups and downs. The downs don’t matter. The ups are where it’s at.

Here is a trick I’ve used frequently:

As soon as I wake up, I think about two high-level positives and two specific, recent wins that are going on. I focus on them. An example of specific wins could be a new feature that was built into the product or great feedback from a customer. The other thing I pay attention to is one way in which I can improve today. This is something concrete that leads in a bigger direction for myself or the business. It’s always looked at in the light of a “pre-win”.

No matter what, there always seems to be *something good going on with life and business. My goal is to use those wins as a springboard to take on the day. Not trying to go all Anthony Robbins on here, but whenever I do this, everything seems to work out.

Any tips or tricks you use for motivation and staying on a positive track?

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