The Best Developers Build Cool Stuff on the Weekend

Getting settled in to the office on Monday, our team started chatting about our weekend. During the conversation, I learned the three talented developers I work with all had one thing in common…they had been coding on outside “passion projects” over the weekend.

It didn’t fully hit me until I read this great article from Chris Dixon: What the smartest people do on the weekend is what everyone else will do during the week in ten years.

The article promotes weekend technical “hobbies” as precedent for future industries and products.

It’s also a huge indicator of passion and talent for technical teamates.

Outside of fit for core values, whether or not developers take their software craft home with them is one of the biggest indicators of a great hire. I’m super excited to be working with really smart guys that have a passion for their craft in coding, both on the field and off.

Have you noticed this? Do the best developers in the world build cool stuff on the weekend?

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