The 6 Best Presentations I’ve seen in the Past Year

I’ve had the honor and privilege to see some fantastic presentations over the past year. Here are my 6 favorites:

#1 Tony Robbins – No presentation has never left me more excited, energized, and on fire as the time I heard Tony speak at Dreamforce 2012. In a room of at least 8,000 people, Robbins made virtually every single person feel like their favorite sports team had just won the championship. I couldn’t find the Dreamforce video but his TedTalk is one of my favorites:

#2 Gary Vaynerchuk – I saw Gary’s keynote at Hubspot Inbound 2012. This guy is pure hustler and has an unbelieveable ability to draw audiences into his message getting them excited and fired up. Gary has one of the best entrepreneurial rags to riches stories that heavily involves generating content and using the web’s power to it’s fullest. Here’s an awesome video he filmed in the street from his phone:

#3 David Cancel – David is the best product development guys I’ve ever heard speak. He speaks the no-fluff gospel when it comes to building and shipping something that matters in business. We caught him at the Hubspot conference and took away a ton of value. Follow David on Twitter for a steady stream of product development and general startup intel.

#4 Marc Benioff – My favorite CEO in the game right now. Benioff is a visionary, and his Dreamforce Keynotes are always eye-opening and inspiring. Watch to learn how the enterprise has changed and to grasp the future ahead for businesses.

#5 Ronnie Andrews – Ronnie was the keynote speaker at the High Tech Prayer breakfast last year and his story blew my mind. Convinced by his dying grandmother that he could beat cancel, this guy his been on a mission ever since. His story is fantastic, original, and spiritually enlightening. Check out his video in a former blog post, Personal Leadership Stories Beyond Business

#6 Howard Diamond – Howard is the greatest salesman I’ve ever met. He’s sold over $14 billion in software and gave a small talk at TechStars last Spring. Everyone was totally glued in to his message. It’s a fantastic story aimed toward startups:

A great presentation can change your outlook on the world and propel you to new heights. What presentations have you seen lately that you’ve enjoyed the most?

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