Tell Stories Like Sir Elton John

Tonight I got to cross something off my bucket list. I saw Elton John live.

He’s a badass and he taught me a strong business lesson:

Never stop telling awesome stories.

I’ve seen tons of shows from many artist around his era: Paul McCartney, Clapton, Eagles, Stones, etc. But none of them told stories like Elton. In fact, just think about his famous songs: Candle in the Wind, Daniel, Your Song, etc. Elton John is a fantastic story teller.

Between almost every song tonight, he talked about its particular origination and the important times he’s performed it. He always held his fans and the crowd up as the winner in each of his stories.

Great entrepreneurs, salespeople and marketers are the same way…except their fans are customers and users.

Plan to learn about great story telling from legends like Elton and you’ll do a better job weaving the art of storytelling into business.

Here’s a clip I love which highlights Elton’s story-telling capabilities. Here he puts a melody and song to a random story from a random audience member’s book. You see he can take virtually anything and tell it in a way that conveys meaning.

Just imagine the power of the stories that actually do mean something to him:

So tell better stories. Study from the best to get better.

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