Tips On Controlling Behavior

I often struggle to do many of things I want to do over the holidays:

  • Eat healthy
  • Exercise
  • Read & Write
  • Relax
  • Be mindful of others
  • Spend quality time with loved ones…and stay out of arguments!

Not sure if you any of you can relate to any of these at all.

I was talking with an entrepreneur last night and we dove into a concept that highlights the importance of asking ourselves questions. The idea is that we are always asking ourselves questions and the quality of these questions controls our experience of life.

The concept is that if we ask ourselves bad questions, we’ll get bad answers.

For example: if I got into an argument with my dad I could find myself asking the question:

1) “Why do I always get in arguments with my dad?”

This is a bad question bc it only allows for bad answers! Like:

“He just doesn’t understand”
“I’m just too rude”
“Maybe I’m just a bad son!”

Fortunately on the flip-side, if we ask good questions, we get good answers:

2) “How can I avoid arguments and strengthen my relationship with my dad?”

“Spend more time listening to him”
“Don’t interrupt”
“Avoid talking politics”
“Provide sincere compliments”
“Don’t rub it in his face when I beat him at chess” :)

You see if we change our questions we can consistently change how we feel, how we think, how we make decisions, and who we become.

Tony Robbins states:

“The only difference between you and other people is the questions you ask”

Find out the power of questions and even how MLK and JFK leveraged them in this short Tony Robbins’ audio clip:

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