Startup Rally was Huge for Atlanta

Tonight Startup Rally made Atlanta special. led by Scotty Hendo and the venerable crew from Hypepotamus, silos  were broken down and the tech scene shined bright by bringing together a room full of exhibiting startups, a flood of job-seeking student interns, entrepreneurial all-stars, vendors, celebrities & the local news :)

When we were in Boulder for TechStars, I spent as much time as I could learning about building startup communities. Brad Feld was at the center of the thought leadership for the topic and he introduced us to his Boulder thesis. It represents the ideals of what makes a startup community special.

And tonight that thesis came out in full.

Startup Rally:

  • Was led by entrepreneurs with no hidden agenda
  • Was inclusive. Every role of the startup scene was represented
  • Showed long-term commitment, focusing on students and promoting internships and getting mainstream media involved.
  • Was the beginning of a week full of activities that engage the entire entrepreneurial stack

Just one look at the tagline can tell you what type of event this was:

The largest gathering of startups in GA since 1895

That’s badass marketing. For a badass event. Congrats ATL. We’re coming up.

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