Power of Twitter

When I was a kid I got all my technology knowledge from my dad. I’ll never forget the image of him setting up our first Windows PC wearing a santa hat as I snuck downstairs to spy on Christmas night.

But those times have changed. Now I’m the technology bell-weather of the family.

Except for tonight. I was chatting with my dad earlier and he shared a story I missed today.

Moral of the story: social media is insane & security is scary.

Here’s the story if you missed it:

Earlier today, somebody HACKED the AP News Twitter account. They tweeted that bombs had gone off at the White House and the President was injured.

And the Stock Market went Bizzerk

I couldn’t believe it.¬†Apparently¬†some crazy Syrian hackers are responsible. It just goes to show you how powerful social is.

This little app where people share what they had to eat has massively changed the world.


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