Simple Chrome App for In-Office Dashboard

A few weeks ago, David Cummings wrote about the new trend of startups displaying performance dashboards on their in-office TV’s.

We implemented our most comprehensive dashboard last week. Since there was not a single website that would include all the metrics I was looking to report on, I went hunting for a solution in the Chrome store.

I found a neat little app called Tab Slideshow. This allows you to auto-cycle through tabs on your browser.

We plugged in our $60 Raspberry Pi, pulled up Chromium and ran the following sites:

  • Pardot inbound lead dashboard
  • Trello Development activity board
  • Twitter real-time mentions stream

It displays the first page then rotates to the next one after 35 seconds.

Next week, we’ll add a graph of our product users and as we get more established, we’ll run calls, demos and closed deals dashboards on the display.

We found using multiple sites and rotating with Tab Slideshow to be a solid way to do office dashboards. Have you seen any other neat ways to do this?

  1. Dude, that is exactly what we do! We’ve been running Tab Slideshow for a few years now on a laptop.

    And we just switched 5 days ago from a laptop to one of these Mini TV Rockchip things, (similar to Raspberry Pi). It runs Android and has Chromium.

    In the few minutes I played with Chromium, I was unable to figure out how to get Tab Slideshow working on it. Can you help next week to set this up?! Yes, the engineering company is requesting technical assistance from the sales company :p

  2. Hi Kyle -It’s been a while since you first set this up. How have you found it? And have you been able to add all the websites needed?

    My team and I are in the midst of creating a product I thought might be interesting to you, if you’re still looking to perfect your office dashboard. It’s called Screensaver Ninja and it turns your screensaver into a live rotation of websites. Through our super friendly interface, you’re able to add websites of your choice, sign in (still via our platform), set rotation times, and even lock access to the data if it’s in a public space.

    Have a peek if you like:

    Cheers! Amanda

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