Saying No to Users is NEVER Easy.

We started SalesLoft to help solve sales professionals’ problems. And I’m super fortunate to be able to do that every day. Some days however there are many problems that we won’t, shouldn’t or cannot solve.

We built a free prospecting tool a few months back. It’s exceeded our expectations in terms of demand and usage but it’s not part of our core offering. It was built as a marketing service to get customers interested in what we’re doing.

It’s worked out well. Just today we received 6 requests for enhancements of this product, three of which were accompanied by emails saying the user would pay for the requested upgrade.

But since it’s not our core priority we had to say no.

And saying no is TOUGH.

Since we’re so focused on our mission to helping others, turning them down from time to time is a major challenge. I empathize and feel these people’s needs and want to solve their problems.

But it must be looked at from a big picture perspective.

If we try to solve everyone’s issues then we’ll never be focused. Not being focused means we’ll never create the best product we can And if we don’t the best product, then we’ll be limited in the amount and impact we can make for our customers whom we love.

We have to focus and think narrow to make a major impact.

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