Rockstar Marketers Need to Make People Smile

Last night I fell further in love with a photo booth. Not just any old camera with lighting equipment, but the OMG! Booth.

What many of you already know is that OMG Booth is the next generation of party picture services. But here is the kicker: the engagement experience that they can offer to brands is the real deal. It has taught me a lesson.

Let me explain: everywhere OMG goes, people are lining up to participate in the experience. They are happy, goofy, smiley and excited. Props like below help. These people are having fun:

Do you think they will remember this event?

After the photo is taken, the magic happens. They are immediately uploaded to Facebook where they get seen by hundreds, thousands or even 10,000’s of times. Rapidly. They become new profile images. Friends & brands get tagged and it shoots around the Internet. If the cards are played right, a brand is integrated in the image, and they reap rewards.

When I used to sell digital menu boards to theaters and stadiums I worked closely with Coca-Cola. What we learned fast was that they wanted to be in places where people were having fun. Period. And they would pay to be there. Think big football games, awesome concerts, super theme parks, or that hot new movie release…

Just last week we saw Coca-Cola put up one of the ultimate happiness engagements with their super projection project. It’s just another example of effective advertising through smiles.

I’ve learned the value of integrated ads this year through my own purchases and hearing brand success stories. One good read on the topic is a post here by blogger Mark Suster. My takeaway: Add happiness to integrated advertising and you’ve struck gold.

Its a no brainer.

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