Resources for Finding Technical Talent

At SalesLoft, we’re looking for a CTO/Co-founder and a lead developer. So needless to say, I’ve been thinking a lot about recruiting for technical talent…and I’ve learned a lot in the process.

Here are a few resources I recommend for identifying candidates while you are sourcing leads for recruiting:

  • Github search – run queries to find users based on location and language. See their # of followers and repositories in the search results. Here’s a query for Ruby devs in Atlanta. They even include email addresses on some of the profile pages.
  • LinkedIn – This is a no brainer. But do it differently than others. Using a SalesLoft hack I was able to identify all the Atlanta area developers with the Ruby on Rails logo in their profile. No throttle or limits on results.
  • Accelerators – Accelerators are know for having awesome technologists. Often times, their businesses aren’t able to raise money or get traction and the founders are looking for that next exciting¬†opportunity¬† This is a great place to find special talent with strong skills and a love for great start-ups. Pro-tip: find the leaders of the accelerators and send them an email with your job openings. They’ll most likely forward it along.

More important than any of this is how you approach each candidate (hint – do it sincerely), the nature and culture of your business and the viability of your venture.

Got any other ideas for creative ways to find talent on the web? I’d LOVE to learn more.

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