Put Your Foot Down on the Culture in Your Start-up

The Boulevard of Great Companies?

Earlier in the year, I wrote about Charles Brewer of Mindspring fame and his Core Values & Beliefs. I’ve personally heard Charles emphasize that without this practice, his business would have never been successful. Since then, I’ve been on a mission to better understand the cultures inside of successful companies and I’ve come up with core values that I plan to implement in my business:

So here they are. Let me know your thoughts as I’m quite keen to learning more from entrepreneurs in this department:

  1. Openness – We’re transparent & honest to ourselves, & every one of our relationships, always
  2. Respect first – We respect everyone for who they are & believe that they perform best when treated the right way & given responsibility
  3. Always invest – We don’t “spend”, we invest. We guard company resources just as we do our own
  4. Clarity – We believe it is critical to our success that we understand our mission, our goals, and what we expect from each other
  5. Team above self – The team’s objectives supersede those of us individually
  6. Enhance everything – We strive to continuously improve everything we do for our clients, company, team & ourselves
  7. No solution, no whining – Don’t whine unless you follow it with a thoughtful solution
  8. Under-commit & over-perform – Expectations are everything and we manage them with care
  9. Never give up – We may change course many times on our journey, but we will always continue to strive to build excellence at SalesLoft

A mentor and friend of mine asserts that corporate culture is the only long-term sustainable competitive advantage within your control. I believe him. Do you feel as strongly about company culture? What are some of the core values for your business?

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