6 Elements to Perfecting the First Contact Email

Every startup founder HAS to be able make connections out of nothing. Whether sales or business development, recruiting or fund raising, there will always be times when you want to get someone’s attention who isn’t thinking about you.

There are only a few folks I’ve ever met who are fantastic at this. It really is an art. The three that come immediately to mind are Jon Birdsong, Scott Britton and Adam Wexler. These guys exhibit a fantastic blend of creativity, persistance and boldness that gets the job done.

Earlier today, I watched a whiteboard video by Rand Fishkin and he provided tips on outreach emails. Here they are:

  1. Have a colloquial, friendly and personal opening /greeting
  2. Show you know, like, trust and care about them
  3. Keep the ask short and sweet. Make the requested action simple
  4. Show that you provide value
  5. Use humor, surprise, or empathy to deepen the connection
  6. Have a clear and obvious identity in your signature

Take it from Rand:

  1. Didn’t you have a post the other day, or link to a post, that said to lead with the ask? At the end of the day doesn’t all this lead to the best advice being “study a lot of techniques, then tailor your own to the style in which you are most confident”. There really is no one size fits all for this stuff.
    Love all the different angles you post, keeps me thinking. Keep them up!

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