Passion Trumps Intellect in Startups

I read a story today about Charles Darwin. It emphasized the concept of passion over intelligence. It translates to entrepreneurship perfectly.

Here’s the story:

Darwin was born around the same time as his cousin Francis Galton. From early childhood, Francis was exceptionally smarter, more talented, and expected by others to be the more achieved of the two.

But Francis never amounted to much.

Contrast this with Charles who was born an ordinary boy, common in intellect, and uninterested in achievements. Yet he would become one of the most famous scientists of all time, one of the few who has forever changed the way we look at life.

But how did he do it?

Darwin had an overriding passion – collecting biological specimens. His father had the perfect life planned for him but at a young age, Darwin shunned his father to follow his passion and sailed around the world collecting biology specimens.

On the journey his passion found its outlet. He collected specimens, fossils, and bones from around the world. He studied animal and plant life on multiple continents.

On this journey, Darwin connected his passion with something much larger… questions about the origin of our species. On this journey, Darwin created the theory of evolution.

And he spent the rest of his life proving it to the world.

From collecting butterflies to changing the world we know today, Charles Darwin did it by following his heart’s mission.

Everyone has one. Something that they can excel at and enjoy as their life calling.

What’s yours and are you being true to yourself by pursuing it?

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