My Review, Startup Upstart by David Cummings

As many of you know, I’ve had the honor and pleasure of getting to work with David through a business we started together. Quite often I get asked what it’s like to work with him and my first answer is always something akin to: “he’s the best in the business”. So naturally, I’m a fan and was extremely excited to get my hands on Startup Upstart.

This book is deep and wide. It’s the most thorough entrepreneur manual I’ve read to date.┬áHere are my favorite parts of Startup Upstart:

  • Building a Well-Oiled Sales Machine: David states that “A robust sales machine is at the heart of a startup’s success”, and I couldn’t agree more. But this is not the same old sales advice. David has done what every entrepreneur dreams of, he’s put sales into a tight process. Read this section and you are one step closer to doing the same.
  • Marketing section: David knows marketing cold. Not your dad’s marketing but the next generation. This is the 101 on all the stuff you must know such as SEO, inbound, content, & automated marketing. This section is excellant and will provide value to everyone.
  • Business culture: My favorite quote from all of David’s work is this: “Corporate culture is the only sustainable competitive advantage over which a startup has complete control.” I’ve seen it first hand, David creates the best organizations to work for and he details a comprehensive “how-to” for building this on your own in the culture section. His three keys to building a productive workplace and strong corporate culture (autonomy, camaraderie, and mastery) are worth consistant attention in your organization.

David ends the book with an awesome assortment of suggestions on where to find ongoing knowledge and help, as well as his famous “50 Tips for Entrepreneurs“. If you are interested in starting a business, or have already done so, I highly recommend you pick up Startup Upstart.

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