My Introduction to TechBridge

April and I had the opportunity to join our friends at the Digital Ball over the weekend. I had heard about TechBridge and knew its general mission but never realized how powerful the organization was. This group is 100% focused on bringing technology solutions and answers to the non-profit community.

The best way to learn more is to watch this short video:

Some highlights of TechBridge and the Digital Ball:

  • Over $1.2 million cash raised this year for non-profits
  • Tens of millions in software licenses donated to non-profits
  • Over 100 non-profits served since this time last year
  • The annual Technology Innovation Award went to The Atlanta Center for the Visually Impaired

I’ll sign-off with a quote spoken this weekend by the CEO of TechBridge, James Franklin:

Nonprofits Have the Vision to Change the World. TechBridge gives them the tools to make it happen.

So cool.

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