My ATDC Story

It was January ’05. I was just out of school at Tech and working my second month at Citigroup. I thought I wanted to be a big-shot banker like the guys from the books I had been reading.

I was analyzing and writing valuation models for large companies but I kept finding my self interested in smaller and smaller companies.

I decided to re-enroll at Georgia Tech and take accounting/finance classes for CPA credits as well as the “entrepreneur track” course.

The next thing I knew I was attending speaking engagements from some of the leaders in the startup scene: Stephen Fleming, Knox Massey, Tony Antoniades, etc.

I was intrigued.

At the same time a random package came to my house. It had been intended for my landlord, Lloyd Solomon, who was an ATDC CEO. Lloyd asked me to bring the package to campus and that he’d show me around ATDC.

On my first tour of ATDC, I wanted in.

I wanted to leave the bank and join these people who were building companies and making things happen. I wanted to learn the skills and build relationships so I could one day launch my own businesses. I did just that.

The next month I went to work with a company there and the ATDC community has been a part of me ever since.

Today was the annual showcase for ATDC and the graduation ceremony for 5 awesome companies. It’s an honor to be involved in such an important organization with such a powerful mission. I plan to always do things to help build and represent it well.

I’m inspired by the graduating companies & CEOs of 2013. Congratulations on your success so far and thank you for putting a dent in the universe.

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