My 8 Favorite Online Writers

I’ve written a blog post for 46 days consecutively. There is absolutely no way I could have found topics to write about without consuming hours of content each week. There are 8 writers who continually stretch my imagination and inspire me. Here they are with a little description of why I love what they write.

  1. Brian Clark – Founder of Copyblogger, a badass content marketing enterprise. There is NOBODY who writes better about content marketing than Brian. Bonus points, he’s also a Boulder native and I had the pleasure of joining him for a beer last summer while we were at TechStars.
  2. Dharmesh Shah – Founder of Hubspot, genius, creative, super innovator. Blogs from OnStartups, one of the top software entrepreneur blogs in the world. The first time I met him he was presenting at Dreamforce 2011. He was making hilarious kitten references on stage.
  3. Mark Suster – VC Partner with GRP. Mark is one of the 3 most popular VC’s in the country (along with Brad Feld and Fred Wilson). Mark blogs at Both Sides of the Table and has a bent toward sales and marketing. I’ve never had the opportunity to meet Mark…but he did retweet SalesLoft today :)
  4. David Cummings – Atlanta entrepreneur extraordinaire. David is the most intelligent, disciplined, positive and supportive entrepreneur I’ve ever met. He’s written on his blog every day for over 4 years and it’s continually full of value. I’ve learned more from David than anyone else. David is the chairman of SalesLoft, a friend and great mentor.
  5. Rand Fishkin – The worlds greatest mind on SEO. Rand is CEO of SEOMoz and has an awesome personal blog. I’m a huge fan of his whiteboard Fridays (so much so that I attempted to emulate them). Rand is emotional, passionate, transparant and non-traditional. His posts are refreshing and eye-opening. I had the pleasure of meeting him at Hubspot Inbound 2012 and have learned from him through a few exchanged emails over the past year.
  6. David Skok – The king of SaaS metrics. David is virtually a god in the SaaS sales world. His blog posts are like books, stuffed with tons of value. I haven’t met David, but did have an insightful phone conversation with him about SalesLoft toward the end of our time at TechStars.
  7. Jason Lemkin – Founder of Echosign and blogger at SaaStr. Jason is new to my blogroll but he’s put enough great posts out in the last 2 months to warrant inclusion. I really love Jason’s persecutive on SaaS growth and sales and look at him as a well rounded thought leader in new age B2B software. I’ve never met Jason although I did send him a cold email a few weeks back…he hasn’t responded yet :/.
  8. Geoffrey James – The original “Sales Machine”. Geoffrey writes for INC and is the best sales blogger in the game. His tactical, no bullshit posts are a how-to guide on being a great leader and sales professional. Geoffrey treated JonnyBird and me to lunch and sales storytelling last fall in Boston.

These guys help shape and educate me on a daily basis and I’m grateful they put out such great content. It’d be really neat to hear from you on this topic. Who are your favorite online writers?

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