My 7 Favorite Content Marketing Products

The key to great content marketing is that it provides significant value to your target audience. Over the last year I’ve been learning from the business community on what content works and what doesn’t. I’ve got some definite favorites.

Here are 7:

  • Hubspot & Rigor’s Diagnostic Tools – These tools help provide a taste of immediate value to site visitors.  They are simple, free and easy to use.
  • SEOMoz’s Whiteboard Videos – These videos educate and inform Moz’s community on a weekly basis. They build brand loyalty and help the industry progress.
  •’s Dreamforce – This is the top software event in the entire world. It gives Salesforce a grandiose stage to bring customers and prospects together for education and a fun time.
  • Bitpay’s Physical Bitcoin Magazine – This product brings legitimacy to an infant industry and gives Bitpay’s audience physical proof of the potential times to come.
  • Pardot’s Book – An all encompassing 101 for marketing automation. This book gives prospects and users the confidence and power to implement and thrive with marketing automation.
  • Copyblogger 20-Part Email Series – Simple way to keep engaged with an audience over multiple touch-points  They say a purchase takes over 10 interactions…why not cover them all through one marketing program?
  • Okcupid’s Data Blog – Harnessed big data into edgy and exciting charts, graphs and overviews. This blog offers significant audience enjoyment and website dwell time, leading to more users and growth from popularity.

What are your favorite content marketing products?

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