Multi-sensory Media Content

I’m always looking for new ways to motivate, educate, and inform people through content. Our content marketing at SalesLoft has been our number 1 source of historical leads. I’m not satisfied though with the way we make content today. Videos, blogs, podcasts….I keep telling myself there’s got to be something better.

Then I stumbled upon the Golf Digest iPad app and this is what I found:

This got me thinking. What kind of multi-sensory approaches can we use in B2B Content Marketing? I’ve got a few ideas but nothing concrete yet. What do you think?

  1. First off, rocking the selfie video 😉

    This is cool. The only thing I wonder about is the tools and process that went into creating it. How feasible is this for others to create this kind of stuff? I was thinking about some of the advertising Facebook is going to want to drop into virtual worlds after they bought OculusVR. Coke or Nike might have some 3d content artists on staff, but a <10-size startup team might not have that skill set available. I might be able to whip up something like this, but how many man hours would that take? Is there an easy tool for a marketing director to come in and make small tweaks before approving it to go live? How is it delivered?

    It definitely could be cool. But there are some problems to be tackled first. It sounds like a great opportunity for a smart entrepreneur to work on!

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