Moving Beyond Elementary Metrics In Sales Development

Let’s say you have two sales development reps (Bob and Tina).

Both Bob and Tina set 27 qualified opportunities in October. That’s great (they exceeded quota of 25!), but they took different paths to get there:

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Bob had to contact 3000 companies in order to set up 30 appointments. Tina only had to contact 500. Tina was way more efficient than Bob, but on the rep level – they probably don’t care. You know who cares? The CEO, VP, Founder.

Here’s why, Bob’s lack of efficiency causes the following problems:

  • Bob requires more data up front (to be purchased or time wasted to assemble).
  • Bob “eats up” prospects from the CRM and now other reps can’t contact those prospects until the time window (60 days is most common) is up.
  • Bob likely blasted emails and made bad phone calls hurting brand equity with the 2970 companies who didn’t respond favorably.

As the founder / CEO you want to hire, praise, and promote Tinas and avoid Bobs.

This is just one example. On December 10, I’m assembling the two smartest people I know in sales development to talk about the metrics that matter most.

The webinar is called Moving Beyond Elementary Metrics and we’d love to have you sign up and/or share online.

You can have all the best people and tools in the world, but without metrics and process, you have no idea what’s working. Let’s level up our sales knowledge together. Here’s the link to join us.

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