Michael Tavani, Creative Mornings

April and I checked out Creative Mornings earlier today in East Atlanta. We enjoyed a presentation by Michael Tavani, the founder of Scoutmob, a badass mobile consumer app in Atlanta. There was a great crowd (~200+) and a nice entrepreneurial message, plus lot’s of designers, developers, and marketers. These were my big takeaways.

  • The mission of Creative Mornings ATL is to help you be better at what you do as “creatives”.
  • There are no great ideas on paper. You’ll only find business value when you jump in and execute.
  • There are no¬†sacred¬†secrets to startups. Don’t be afraid to tell everyone your ideas. They will only help.
  • When starting a business, find a wingman with complementary skills.
  • Hire for passion. It’s the only way to find the right people for your company.
  • Focus on creating something remarkable before you deal with anything else.
  • Content matters (the 1st two Scoutmob hires were a designer and a copywriter).
  • Focus on delighting users any way you can (Scoutmob created a “stache cam” feature in their app that people loved).
  • Brand is your differentiator, not technology.
  • It’s easy to make an impact in Atlanta.
  • Nothing is better than being in the game (if you are interested in startups, join one and participate).

Creative mornings is a great Atlanta event…especially if you’re in the content, user experience or marketing world. I’m excited about the next one.

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