Mark Cuban’s Simple Blueprint for Happiness

I read this post by Mark Cuban years ago and it’s stuck with me ever since. It’s about how to get rich. I’m going to condense it for you but you’re definitely going to be better off grabbing it from the source (especially since Mark’s the one who’s actually rich). Here are his three steps:

#1 Save up cash

You need to use discipline to save your money. Watch your expenses and penny pinch like crazy. The goal is have cash on hand when an opportunity comes along.

#2 Get smarts

This is all about becoming an expert at something you love. Whatever you love the most, work your way into a job in that space…then become an expert. The goal is to be prepared with knowledge to recognize (and be able to execute) on an opportunity when it comes.

#3 When the climate shifts, jump on the opportunity

All markets shift and change and opportunities open up. If you’ve saved up cash and become an expert, you will be in position to execute on your idea. You’ll have the passion because it’s in the space you care about, you’ll have the skills and relationships because you’ve become an expert and then you just have to take a leap.

They don’t teach this kind of wisdom in school.

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