Life Hack: Using Google Forms + Boomerang to Automate Accountability

I have an embarrassing habit. I bite my nails. I’m also not known for cleaning up after myself all the time. And like many, I want to exercise more regularly and I’d love to publish my writing daily.

So I’ve got some habits to change.

Now I’ve managed lists before but since these are habits, not tasks, I decided to simplify accountability with a daily survey to myself.

Under the following plan, everything is automated…except of course the actual habit breaking :)

I think it’s going to help me. Here’s how it works:

Step 1. Create a form in Google docs asking yourself 4 simple questions:

Step 2. Tell the doc to send you the form:

Step 3. Tell Boomerang to email you the form everyday at some time (I chose 9:40pm).

And Boom! Everyday I get the questions in my inbox. I’m able to answer them from my phone if needed and will have no excuse for not measuring progress.

It’s a super simple way to hold myself accountable by clicking 4 buttons (it’s especially helpful for people who manage email like a boss).

So…what neat hacks have you created to keep yourself motivated and accountable?

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