Learn from the Best Presenters (Bonus: Bill Clinton Video)

Late last summer, I was practicing for our TechStars demo day presentation. We put a lot of work in to make sure we felt comfortable on stage. I was also lucky to have my close friend Jonnybird there to listen and help prepare a great message. Another thing I had was great examples of online presentations. I remember watching some of the best presentations the world has ever seen like Martin Luther King’s “I have a Dream” speech & Steve Jobs iPhone keynote.

One day Jon introduced me to a Bill Clinton presentation. It was quite the eye-opener. Most people see Clinton as one of the best orators of our generation. In this clip, his style super contrasts with that of his rival, George Bush, Sr.

Watch below for one hell of a presentation. Bush is standoffish, border-line argumentative, confused and detached. Clinton however is heartfelt, empathetic, understanding and strong.

If you’re planning on getting on stage throughout your career, I recommend you watch how the pros do it. You couldn’t do much better than starting with this clip:

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