A Smile at Venture Atlanta

I was nervous, excited, and anxious when I ran and jumped on the stage for my pitch at Venture Atlanta.

I had practiced it about 100 times but I knew one thing. If I could not connect with the audience, the next 6 minutes for everyone in the room would suck.

As I started to talk, I took a look around. I saw a sullen face, I moved on. I saw someone on their phone, I kept looking.

Then I found a smile in the crowd.

There was Jen Bonnett with a huge, glowing smile and a look that she was listening to my every word. I knew I had her support and it boosted my confidence.

Afterward, I felt great about the presentation.

I went to Jen and told her how she had helped. After some kind compliments, she said something I’ll never forget.

“Kyle, that’s why I sit here.”

What? Now how awesome is that?

This was literally the 40th presentation over 2 packed days. Tons of people had left, others were tired, many we’re on their phone not paying attention. I even got a text message saying I needed to liven up the crowd…but here was Jen, in the front row, smiling for presenters & showing them she cared.

That’s just awesome. That’s just something I had to blog about.

Jen showed the ultimate type of attitude that is so necessary in our community. And she exemplified the most valuable lesson in life:

Give first.

This is just a single reason amongst so many for why I’m excited to have Jen as a leader in the Atlanta Tech community.

Thank you Jen!

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