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One of the vivid memories I have about my first few months at NanoLumens was the level of praise and positive reinforcement that came from management & staff when I did something well.

It wasn’t over the top but anytime I’d get great traction with a sales or marketing opportunity, or just if I accomplished something that was important for us I noticed that others in the company would recognize it and make mention of it in a positive way. We were trailblazing new ideas and our leader and CEO trusted us to make big decisions on our own each day. Having a culture of good feedback & trust was quite helpful.

Then a few weeks ago we hired a new marketing manager for NanoLumens. His name is Josh Byrd (follow him on twitter by clicking here). Josh is awesome by the way. So I was talking with him just yesterday and he mentioned the same thing about NanoLumens and verbal praise. I recognized then that it wasn’t just me that thought the company did especially well in that area. It was also good to know that I wasn’t crazy for being satisfied by such a simple gesture.

It seems so cliché or tried-and-true but it really makes an impact. In my book, praise is the practice of champions. So, I’m curious- are you motivated like Josh & I are on verbal praise? Do you give it out when it’s due? Interested to hear your thoughts on this & hope this serves as a quick reminder to keep verbal rewards in mind when leading your company.

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