I’m Starting a New Company. Here’s the gist…

Last Monday was the big day, and the beginning of a new page in my life. This new page is a software start-up company named SalesLoft. And you can check out our new website by clicking here.

While things are still really early over here at SalesLoft, I’ve gone ahead and created social accounts and links to my profiles, so I wanted to make an update about the company here.

For starters, we are in the business of sales intelligence software that is specifically aimed at B2B sales reps. For a quick definition of the space, check out the wikipedia entry here.

Our goal at SalesLoft is to accelerate B2B sales cycles, empowering reps by providing data & deep research on their customer prospects. The data is then fed directly into your CRM (customer relationship management app like salesforce.com) & can also be accessed on our web app or through your customized alerts. Just think of it as Google alerts on steroids…deriving automatically from the data in your CRM. And down the road, we are working with extensive metrics to prioritize your prospects based on their likeliness to buy.

Here’s a quick sales intelligence case:

Let’s say that you have 3000 prospects in your database who are not yet clients. Typically, sales reps would make a judgement call on who to pursue. They’d use their own research skills to get to know the customer so that they have the best chance at success. With SalesLoft, the user can see this deep research directly inside of their CRM without having to go out and get it. They can also get custom scheduled alerts based on when things happen with those clients. The alert could be a morning email that displays relevant news of your prospects over the past 24 hours. On the surface, the information could include announcements of new hires, press releases, awards, expansions, capital raises, blog posts, or major updates with social profiles. But it can even go deeper and analyze triggers and metrics which we will be announcing down the road.

We’ve had a lot of progress over the last 8 days, and I am super excited for the direction the business is heading. We’ve hired a rockstar lead developer and are in the process of security approval for integration with a major CRM. In fact, we’ve already had a handful of companies express interest in early adopting our product as we’ve been engaging in customer development and market fit validation.

I’m personally learning & growing, (not sleeping, and having to turn people down for happy hours) at a faster pace than ever. Today, it’s just a company formation announcement, but soon down the road we’ll have a product to release.

We’re running hard to get there.

If you are a B2B company and are interested in anything mentioned here or on the SalesLoft website, please let me know.

As always, I am grateful for your support and encouragement, and hope that I can add value to you or someone in your network through the SalesLoft offering! Feedback on the site design or the business direction would be great. Your comments are held in the highest regard!

  1. Congrats Kyle!  I knew it was a matter of time until you rolled out your own thing!  You’ve got the tenacity, acumen, and network to take your venture to new heights.  Sky’s the limit, buddy!  Go get it!

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