Ideas on Content Sharing & Curation

Last night I wrote about content consumption. But consumption is worthless if you don’t do something with it.

I try to “act on” every piece of great content I come across. Here are some tools and processes that help make curation and sharing simple:

  1. Connect Twitter to Reeder app. If you like an article, try to come up with a better title for it and make that your tweet or LinkedIn share.
  2. A lot of folks I know use Buffer to populate their tweets and I’ve heard really good things about it. I don’t schedule my personal posts but do some for SalesLoft using Pardot.
  3. Comment on 2-3 blogs per week that really impact you. Commenting is hard to do on mobile devices so I’ll often email myself the message and link out of Reeder and take care of it when I get back on my laptop and inbox zero.
  4. Send a curated newsletter. We started one at SalesLoft and have gotten great feedback. A super simple tool for this is FlashIssue. If you have 5 articles you like, you can send a newsletter in literally 5 minutes.
  5. Try to answer one question per week through a LinkedIn group or Quora question.

These are just a few ideas for acting on content. How do you curate and share with your network?

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