I sent this email to team SalesLoft delayed on takeoff to #sdsummit

Hey team,

I’m taking off on a plane as we speak. I’ve got big plans ahead and wanted to loop you all in.

Today is the start of the SiriusDecisions Summit.

SiriusDecisons is not only a client of ours, but they are also the leading research and advisory firm for all of B2B. One way to look at them is as the “Gartner” for B2B marketing, sales, & product management.

This group helps us hone in on best practices for the most important areas of our company. It may be the single best place for a SaaS CEO to gain knowledge.

Not to mention…

There will be hundreds of our users, over a dozen clients, and thousands of people who need to know about the emergence of sales development, and how we can help them.

David Cummings wrote that “the sales development team is the most important sales process innovation in the last 10 years.” It’s our goal to share the many lessons we’ve learned in this emerging space and to help others realize the truth of this quote.

Many of our dear friends will be there as well, the biggest voices in our industry who have taught us so much. People like Matt Heinz, Brad Gillespie, Ken Krogue, Steve Richard, Garth Moulton, Trish Bertuzzi, Adam Wexler, and many more.

If you’re interested in tuning in to the tweet stream it can be found at #sdsummit.

Let me know how I can help in any way while away. I’m so proud of everyone for an awesome May…

(our new BDRs are on fire, the marketing team is cooking up & distributing amazing educational products, our client success team is showing love to more customers, more effectively than ever before, the sales team is putting huge numbers up on the board, and our world-class engineers have built an amazing new product that will be used for the first time this Friday! —- SPS will become THE application of record for the sales development industry.)

Lastly, as the team grows, I’m seeing our core values come out more than I thought was possible. It makes such a difference having a group that lives our core values of positive, supportive, and self-starting!

I’m looking forward to watching you all crush it this week from afar and please let me know how I can help in ANY way!


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