Hypepotamus is About to Do Something Thats Never Been Done in ATL…Again

Hypopotamus is about to shake up the startup scene in ATL. Over the next few weeks you’ll see them transform and create the ATL startup newsroom.

Ask yourself: Why did over 200 people show up for Tuesdays Atlanta Startup Village? Why do over 10,000 people subscribe to David Cummings blog, and why week after week does ATDC set the biggest and best companies in the city up to meet with startups?

One reason: the ATL Tech Scene is getting hot. And when shit gets hot, there’s got to be somebody there to release the word.

That’s what Hypepotamus is about to do.

I had the opportunity to talk with Scott Henderson tonight. In describing Atlanta, here’s how he put it:

“Fragmented awesomeness”

I get that. We have neighborhoods, burbs, Midtown, East side, West side, Buckhead, Alpharetta and the Gwinnetians. We have ATDC, ATV, Hype and more. The Hypotamus’ goal straight from the mouth of Scotty is to: “Create Connected awesomeness”

And that’s what’s about to happen.

Hypotamus is transforming itself to become the publication of record for the ATL scene.

I’m talking collaborative media, an aggregated calendar of events, the center of Atlanta’s startup mojo, videos, guest posts, startup overviews.  A place where students get involved, corporations, investors, creators, entrepreneurs.

Look for changes from the Hype over the next few weeks. Follow them on Twitter and subscribe to their blog. After spending the evening with the guys at Hype, I couldn’t be more proud and excited for the ATL startup scene.

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