How To Consume a Ton of Relevant Content

I’m a huge fan of reading to stay sharp in business. On average I probably skim over 50 articles a day and read ~15. Here’s what I do to consume information:

  1. Subscribe to 100 blogs through Google Reader and cleanse them every two weeks. Read on iPad and iPhone with Reeder app every morning and night.
  2. Create a VIP list in Twitter with 40 top members and monitor their tweets through the Nutshell Mail daily email.
  3. Star tweets I like and those representing a link I want to read later. Carve out 1 hour every weekend to read through that week’s “favorites”.
  4. Receive News on the Companies I care about in my CRM through the SalesLoft Stream.
  5. Dive deeper into the comments for the top 5 blogs I get the most value from.
  6. Subscribe to 3 daily news emails (LinkedIn, Twitter, and Newsle).
  7. Scan LinkedIn group questions Quora questions on sales once/week.
  8. Read 2 books/month, always in Kindle on iPad. Highlight notes throughout book and read over them when finished. If I get to a point in the book when I’m bored, I’ll skim the rest of the book and just read the headlines until something catches my attention.

At first it sounds like a lot of information but through repetition  you can learn quickly whether a piece of content is fantastic and deserves a full read. Over 75% of the articles I “see”, just get scanned. The key point is to be ruthless.

Consuming a lot of info is really helpful to stay on your game.

What content consumption pro-moves are you using?

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