How the Internet Let’s Us Live our Dreams

Ever since the day I met her, I’ve known it was her dream to run finance for the family business.

About a year ago, she got a call from the CEO. He was looking for an introduction to recruiters so he could hire a CFO.

The company is located in central Florida.

Life was great for my wife April and me in Atlanta and I had plans to never leave. So what do you think was my response?

“Take the job. We’ll make it work.”

Now we’re making it work. And I don’t regret the decision at all. Throughout my career, I’ve had the tremendous fortune to have April’s support & faith in everything I do. To me, family & following your dreams are everything. We’ve received great value by cherishing and honoring them.

I get asked very often how we do this. ¬†First, we’ve got a place to stay in each location with the appropriate transportation access (Marta, airports, etc). Second, we’re both using cloud applications as often as we can alongside continual high speed internet, & third- we rack up the airline miles :) All in all, we spend about 60-65% of our time together & that works for us.

Under the setup, April spends a week and two weekends in Atlanta, and I’ll spend two extended weekend trips down there.

So what about you? Ever work in a different city than your spouse? I’d love to hear feedback or any suggestions on how to best make it work.

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