How I Define Positive

As founders, most things are pretty hard to control. However, we do have massive oversight on who we hire, how we lead, the vision & goals, and the environment we set for our teams. We have the most control over core values and culture.

Our core values at SalesLoft are positive, supportive, and self-starting.

But lately I’ve started to realize those single words alone are not enough.

Example: what does ‘positive’ mean?

I’ve noticed ‘positive’ being perceived around the office in ways I didn’t intend, I realized we needed to define it. Here’s how I define ‘positive’ in the context of our core values:

Positive is not denying reality. It’s not pretending things are great when they aren’t. It’s not acting ecstatic when you don’t feel ecstatic.

That’s not positive. That’s phony.

Positive is facing the facts without being disheartened by them because you’ve found the silver lining. You believe setbacks can be overcome. If not by yourself, then through a stronger power (your friends, your family, faith, team, or whatever you hold to be higher than yourself.)

Positive is finding the silver lining. It’s transparent, vulnerable, and authentic…not Pollyanna fantasy but believing in the future. Not just in yourself, but in the collective of those around you. It’s the belief that together we can overcome anything.

That’s the type of person I want be. It’s the type of person I want to hire. And that’s the type of person our team wants to work with.

Lesson learned. words alone are often not enough with core values. They need to be defined to make the most impact.

  1. Hi Kyle!

    Great article! What you state is so true! There is positive and phony. True Leaders know there are days when they don’t feel on top of the world; however, true Leaders never let their problems keep them down, or from getting back on top of their game!

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